Texas Winter Series at Freestone

This past weekend I raced up at the Freestone. It was the last round of the Texas Winter Series. At the last minute I had my suspension done for outdoors. Come to find out sunday morning, it felt a bit firm… I called up the Junk Man and he said they didnt have the springs they needed for my suspension. So I just had to run it. Well…. I was a pussy, shit was so stiff I couldnt hang on more than 3-4 laps! Definitely looking forward to getting it corrected! Keith Demele over at TxMotocross took some great photos of the event. Check em out there is a few of me in there!

Clayton Miller

Austin Church Gap – Jimmy Levan

Back when I was a kid, all I did was ride my bicycle and I had only been racing moto for 2 years I remember watching this video. I had all the Props Bmx Road Fools videos. I remember watching them over and over while driving to races. I eventually met some of the OG’s of the bmx industry when I was riding 9th street in Austin – Joe Rich, Taj, Robbo, Sandy. I never became buddies with them, but sure would have like to ride with them growing up. Years later I talked to Joe about representing for T1 in the moto seen and he helped me out with a couple of frames in the past couple of years. I like representing for Texas based companies. But one of the most memorable moments of that era was the Church Gap. Ive seen the gap in person, and its legit!