Custom Stainless Handlebars For Surge

My buddy out in cali gave me some specs for some custom stainless handlebars he wanted. Came out to his specs, he was stoked. And it was my first time welding some stainless on the positioner. I screwed up on one of the bungs. But the second one was acceptable.

Face Mill Cutter For The Bridgeport MIll

Picked up a new face mill cutter of eBay for the Bridgeport mill. Went to CW Rod down the road and got some fresh aluminum inserts. It works amazing!

TTR125 Limited Edition FMF Exhaust


This muffler is for a Yamaha TTR125. It was a special limited edition FMF exhaust system. It cracked at the back of the can. So I welded it up on my welding positioner for the first time using it. Pretty killer tool!