Good memories!

A good friend of mine Will Topete for years now sent me this photo from 06 Supercross. It brings back so many memories. I would stay at Ken Johnson’s house for years while racing the west coast series. There was a time at the end of the two stroke era where I was still riding a cr250 2 stroke! Man it sounds so good! I actually have this video from practicing on it out there. Sounds so sick! Then shortly after MC and I were both talking about the bike at track walk at one of the Anaheim rounds. Coincidentally we both showed up on 450s the next weekend and were laughing about it. The bike was fun to ride but was a disadvantage against the four strokes. Good times and memories. Thanks for the pic Will!


Hey Apple Hire me…

So its the day of the launch of the iPhone 4S. Apple’s website is down for a while, upon being active on the web their site is cluttered with poorly edited images for their beautiful slider they use! 95% of the iPhone images they have are boxed in with an ugly white border instead of a clean transparent blend between background and current slide. If you guys are slacking with legit dudes over there, hit me up, I’m available.

bad apple images in slider