Dallas Sx 2010

Well Dallas was kind of a weird deal. I rode good for how the track was. The transitions were really squared up, but the track started to develop after a while. After the second practice i did everything on the track except for the very end of a triple step on section. It kept eat’n everybody up so I didn’t do it. But according to the lap times I dropped back in times doing more stuff on the track than in earlier practices. It is what it is, what can you expect for a last ditch effort! It was fun and I’m keeping my head down doing the best I can with what I have in front of me!

Getting back to my roots

clayton miller pinned in neutralView from my spin cycle… Wife asks me “what you riding that for?” said “to get back on track with my life!” it’s all I have done for over half my life damn near. I’m not racing full time anymore but when I do I want to be like I use to be. It was my life style, and having my heart shit come up 2 years ago threw a wrench in my gears. Not to mention balancing that with having a family! Its tough. The only cardio was on the bike, motos, and sprints. If my heart stops tickn doing something I love it’s better than sittn on the couch right! Hahah (it’s not gna stop just might skip a beat…. Or two!) Getn back to the old me!

Daytona Sx 2010

After riding all week, I had the bike dialed in great for Sx. Only to show up and ride Daytona and the track was so rough I couldnt even pin it down a strait-away! I tried 3 different suspension settings and couldn’t get it comfortable. It was a motocross track with supercross jumps. It is what it is. I left Sunday morning and headed back to Texas. I made one shock change-up (for supercross) this week. I will be riding the next 2 weeks before Dallas sx so I will keep things updated on how its going!

clayton miller daytona sx 2010

Riding at Bubba Stewart’s!

First off I’d like to thank the Stewart’s for letting me come ride at their place before Daytona sx! I drove there arriving Wednesday a lil after noon. I rode for the next three days strait dialing in my bike. We got the bike really comfortable. Only need to make one change to the shock and were dialed! Here’s a vid my wife Cortni Miller filmed for me. Love you baby thanks! And ol Fulton helped me with practice, races, and driving! Thanks bud.