Fishing in Galveston

Man o man, fishing in Galveston was awesome! Conditions were excellent, couldn’t get much better. Big Tim, Ben, and I tore up a grip of solid sized trout! We caught more rat red fish than you could shake a rod at! And they caught 5 flounder between the two of em. We literally lost count of how many fish we caught! It was one of them junk man fishing story days “I caught 70 something fish” I love you gumby! Good times for sure. We’re gna have to have a cook out just to eat all these good fish!






Couple of Redfish

Pops and I went to pick up the boat from Polacios. We planned on fishing for just a bit. We kept getting into some small schools of em. Then finally dad caught a good one. Then I seen some blowups in a slew. So I took off my socks and pants and put my boots on and went after em. I caught a good size redfish and a big ol flounder. It was pretty cool. Good times for sure!