T Bars

I think…. I am going through the process of making some T style bars 22″ wide, 12″ tall. He wants them to be perpendicular to the ground to clear his fricso’d tank. They are coming a long. Just have to kick em forward and they’ll be dialed. My buddy Chris be grip’n em. Ready to split some lanes!

Handle Bar Bungs

I needed some stainless 1.25 bungs for some bars a buddy asked me to make for him. Couldnt find any online, so I made a call to my buddies at the machine shop. Jason Roberts wrote a program for me  so I could run the machine.  I just pushed a button and banged them out! Way cool using their mill. Thanks Jason and Jeff for letting me come to your shop, and helping me out. These guys have way more important shit to do than bullshit with a few dollars worth of crap! Thanks a lot again! Then I turned em down on Junk Mans lathe. My phase converter took a dump on me. So thanks to these cats for helping me out in some down time!


Sportster Shifter

Machined up a Sportster shifter tip cause I snapped the other one off loading my bike. I was riding it up the ramp kinda slow and the torque of the motor threw the ramp out and the bike high centered on the bed of the truck, looped out, and landed upside down! Luckily it was in the grass hahaha! Aint that a bitch. Good thing about is it gave me another cool thing to make since there wasnt much of a selection online. Your own shit is always cooler!