Monster Energy Supercross

Went out today to test my bike a bit before the Monster Energy Supercross series starts this weekend. The track was built by Vernon Mckiddie, he will be racing the East Coast Lites class. Thanks to the Drennan family for letting him build a track for us local pros to be able to ride in Houston! Well be getting some more photos and video of the track soon. It was a good day of riding with a bunch of guys. Vernon Mckiddie, Kelly Smith, Kevin Johnson, and a couple other local guys too. Looking forward to riding tomorrow! It was nice to get some riding time in with the wet weather. We’ll post some more stuff up soon!

The Drennan Supercross track

Vernon doing some work

Building Trails and Bullshit’n at Freestone

I was up at Freestone for the weekend doing a lil digging on our trails, and cooking some good grub! It was a good time other than the cold weather. Trails are coming along, soon we’ll be able to rip it up!  While doing a little digging, I was working on some bunny hop bar spins and busted my ass. Hunter was laughing so hard at me, and I started laughing at him on how funny he looked with his moo-stach! Good times, and good eating! I cooked up some duck with one hell of a simple recipe, and the wife’s marinade for a couple of days! Good times!

Check Hunter posing like a Jabroni in the tower next to Cortni – WTF hahahahahah!