Machined A BMX Cable Stop

I was letting a friend of mine borrow a BMX bike to check it out for the first time. He’s never rode any trails, or park. I figured he might need brakes. But after looking for all the parts, I was missing the cable stop! So I machined one real quick on the Hardinge HLV-H lathe.

2006 Motocross Nationals – Road Trip, Ogio, Illinois BMX Trails

This video is from 2006 Outdoor nationals with Vernon Mckiddie, Brett Williams, Cody Drewek, Charles Marchant, Tim Engel. We were on the road racing the outdoor nationals all over the states. This footage is from Ogio up in Utah at Andy Bells house. We rode the indoor ramps, and foam pit. Pulled a backflip for the first time into the foam pit on an XR100. Then we traveled to Illinois to our good ol buddy Marc Czernik’s house and rode some bmx trails we came across. It was a good time that summer on the road!

Trip to ATX for some BMX Trails

Rease King and I rolled out Saturday morning and went out to Austin. We went to the Walnut Creek pump track to ride with some of the other guys from Houston that went to ride there too. Robert, Jesse, Brian were all there flowing and having a good time. We got a few clips saturday with the GoPro and iphone. Then Sunday out at 9th Street BMX trails we rode the slacker lines. They were pretty bad this weekend from the past couple of weeks rain, and the lack of time to clean them up. We tried to make the best of it and just ride what was half way decent. It had been about 7 years or so since I had been to 9th Street to ride. But we’re going to make an effort to go ride more often. Riding trails is so addicting. I will ride until I am in a walker!

Cayden’s BMX edit – Ponca City

Here is some clips thrown together from the two weeks we were in Ponca City like we do every summer. He just got his 20″ before we left. And this is his first time really doing any dirt trails, and bunny hopping ledges and stairs. To watch the progression throughout the two weeks, and since we have been home is awesome! I am encouraging him to work on being a well rounded rider doing all different forms of riding. Nothing wrong with being good at street and trails! Look forward to many more videos over the years of him riding. Already working on other footage after coming home and riding some trails here.

Building Trails and Bullshit’n at Freestone

I was up at Freestone for the weekend doing a lil digging on our trails, and cooking some good grub! It was a good time other than the cold weather. Trails are coming along, soon we’ll be able to rip it up!  While doing a little digging, I was working on some bunny hop bar spins and busted my ass. Hunter was laughing so hard at me, and I started laughing at him on how funny he looked with his moo-stach! Good times, and good eating! I cooked up some duck with one hell of a simple recipe, and the wife’s marinade for a couple of days! Good times!

Check Hunter posing like a Jabroni in the tower next to Cortni – WTF hahahahahah!