Building Trails and Bullshit’n at Freestone

I was up at Freestone for the weekend doing a lil digging on our trails, and cooking some good grub! It was a good time other than the cold weather. Trails are coming along, soon we’ll be able to rip it up!  While doing a little digging, I was working on some bunny hop bar spins and busted my ass. Hunter was laughing so hard at me, and I started laughing at him on how funny he looked with his moo-stach! Good times, and good eating! I cooked up some duck with one hell of a simple recipe, and the wife’s marinade for a couple of days! Good times!

Check Hunter posing like a Jabroni in the tower next to Cortni – WTF hahahahahah!

One hog with my bow, 2 with my Glock 9mm

OK, I went out to do a little spot and stalking on some hogs here at Freestone County Raceway! And I seen some so I approached them. I got about 17 yards or so from them. They were head down eating berries in the waist high grass so they had know idea I was there! I drew a bead on one and smoked em with the Z7 Mathews bow! So I sat and watched all the others running around in the grass. Then proceeded to go take a picture and find my arrow in the tall grass before dark. As I’m taking a picture the others come back to me and my bow is sitting in the seat of my Ranger! So I had my glock 9mm in my pocket (since I was at the ranch by myself) and put a bead on the leading hog and smoked em head on! Then it went broadside and I shot it again. Another smaller hog ran towards me and I smoked it too! I hate to say it I hate shooting my guns at them, cause it always seems to blow them out for a while in that particular area. And I don’t like to ruin my bow hunting! But as anyone who knows me I’m like Jesse James with a pistol so nothing was getting by me. Whats done is done and it was fun! I am kind of bummed because I have a HD gopro camera mount on my bow. But I forgot the appropriate attachment for it! It would of been some cool footage!

First day on my new 2010 yz450!!!

Went up to Freestone County Raceway to ride my new 2010 yz 450 on my supercross track thanks to H20 Renovations! I love the bike it is soooo sick! Feels so comfortable to ride. I had a blast up there riding with Vernon, Kevin, Draaw’s, and Phenie it was a good time ripping! Track was sick, weather was good, cant get enough! Also here is the hog skull from new years weekend, he’s got some nice teeth! We will be getting some footage and more pics soon. Thanks to Draaw’s for snap’n a few!