One hog with my bow, 2 with my Glock 9mm

OK, I went out to do a little spot and stalking on some hogs here at Freestone County Raceway! And I seen some so I approached them. I got about 17 yards or so from them. They were head down eating berries in the waist high grass so they had know idea I was there! I drew a bead on one and smoked em with the Z7 Mathews bow! So I sat and watched all the others running around in the grass. Then proceeded to go take a picture and find my arrow in the tall grass before dark. As I’m taking a picture the others come back to me and my bow is sitting in the seat of my Ranger! So I had my glock 9mm in my pocket (since I was at the ranch by myself) and put a bead on the leading hog and smoked em head on! Then it went broadside and I shot it again. Another smaller hog ran towards me and I smoked it too! I hate to say it I hate shooting my guns at them, cause it always seems to blow them out for a while in that particular area. And I don’t like to ruin my bow hunting! But as anyone who knows me I’m like Jesse James with a pistol so nothing was getting by me. Whats done is done and it was fun! I am kind of bummed because I have a HD gopro camera mount on my bow. But I forgot the appropriate attachment for it! It would of been some cool footage!