Pair of coach whips (snakes that is)

I was working the track the other day and a buddy of mine was in the flagger stand just watching. And he looked down and seen a big ol coach whip snake crawl up under the plank that goes to the flagger stand. Incase you don’t know coach whips are very aggressive non venomous snakes. So Cody and I were driving around the track and I pulled up to the stand and was telling him about it and all of a sudden he yelled out of no where “got dam Clayton!” I said “what!” he said two of em slithered from right next to him from the hay bails! So one went back under the plank into that hole and the other stayed in the hay. I went and got my pistol and came back and before I could even get the words out of my mouth “let’s look in these bails” I yelled “it’s looking right at me!” I pulled out my pistol and shot once in the head! So we could see the other one in the hole underthe plank so I got one of my frog gigs and got em out and shot it once in the head. Took em back to the shop and whipped out my leatherman that my lovely wife bought me for crimas and skinned em. Rolled em up and put em in my freezer! So I’ll tan em on a later date and try to make a hat band or belt or something out of em!

One hog with my bow, 2 with my Glock 9mm

OK, I went out to do a little spot and stalking on some hogs here at Freestone County Raceway! And I seen some so I approached them. I got about 17 yards or so from them. They were head down eating berries in the waist high grass so they had know idea I was there! I drew a bead on one and smoked em with the Z7 Mathews bow! So I sat and watched all the others running around in the grass. Then proceeded to go take a picture and find my arrow in the tall grass before dark. As I’m taking a picture the others come back to me and my bow is sitting in the seat of my Ranger! So I had my glock 9mm in my pocket (since I was at the ranch by myself) and put a bead on the leading hog and smoked em head on! Then it went broadside and I shot it again. Another smaller hog ran towards me and I smoked it too! I hate to say it I hate shooting my guns at them, cause it always seems to blow them out for a while in that particular area. And I don’t like to ruin my bow hunting! But as anyone who knows me I’m like Jesse James with a pistol so nothing was getting by me. Whats done is done and it was fun! I am kind of bummed because I have a HD gopro camera mount on my bow. But I forgot the appropriate attachment for it! It would of been some cool footage!

Miss’n Baby Cooper

Every time I come to the ranch I have a connection with baby cooper. Not a day goes by that I dont think of him and get angry inside, only because I’m selfish. Selfish in the fact that he was born in heaven and not here with me. I think of him every time I see a new born baby, or a father playing with his son. Its the hardest thing to except. And there is nothing I can do to make it any better. I have always wanted to have a son just like me. To teach everything I know to him. To hunt, fish, ride dirtbikes, bicycles, and skateboards. I miss you Cooper, Daddy will be with you some day, I love you!