My Second Alligator Gar Bowfishing

I went out again this morning with Art, and Chris and shot another one. Man it sure is nice to be able to roll up on em in a creek like this. Doesn’t cost anything to drive less than 5 miles away to hang out next to the creek in the woods! This one didn’t slap me hahaha! You know its funny, Art told me they go bowfishing. I said “man I have been wanting to get a couple of bows for the wife and I so we could go out. But just never got around to it.” So I looked up on Craigslist in Houston and found a lil PSE Kingfisher with a reel, and two arrows. I paid $93 bucks for it, and its mint. The bow cost $120 bare and the reel is $90 so I swooped up a hell of a deal! Best $93 I have spent in a while!


Well I got a new 32g 3G iPad. It’s not to bad, mainly for testing is my use. But also to ba able to read up on stuff sitting on the couch, or laying in bed. Wife can read her bible app on it at nite. I have been developing themes for word press so it’s nice to be able to test them on here too!