My Second Alligator Gar Bowfishing

I went out again this morning with Art, and Chris and shot another one. Man it sure is nice to be able to roll up on em in a creek like this. Doesn’t cost anything to drive less than 5 miles away to hang out next to the creek in the woods! This one didn’t slap me hahaha! You know its funny, Art told me they go bowfishing. I said “man I have been wanting to get a couple of bows for the wife and I so we could go out. But just never got around to it.” So I looked up on Craigslist in Houston and found a lil PSE Kingfisher with a reel, and two arrows. I paid $93 bucks for it, and its mint. The bow cost $120 bare and the reel is $90 so I swooped up a hell of a deal! Best $93 I have spent in a while!