Good memories!

A good friend of mine Will Topete for years now sent me this photo from 06 Supercross. It brings back so many memories. I would stay at Ken Johnson’s house for years while racing the west coast series. There was a time at the end of the two stroke era where I was still riding a cr250 2 stroke! Man it sounds so good! I actually have this video from practicing on it out there. Sounds so sick! Then shortly after MC and I were both talking about the bike at track walk at one of the Anaheim rounds. Coincidentally we both showed up on 450s the next weekend and were laughing about it. The bike was fun to ride but was a disadvantage against the four strokes. Good times and memories. Thanks for the pic Will!


Monster Energy Supercross

Went out today to test my bike a bit before the Monster Energy Supercross series starts this weekend. The track was built by Vernon Mckiddie, he will be racing the East Coast Lites class. Thanks to the Drennan family for letting him build a track for us local pros to be able to ride in Houston! Well be getting some more photos and video of the track soon. It was a good day of riding with a bunch of guys. Vernon Mckiddie, Kelly Smith, Kevin Johnson, and a couple other local guys too. Looking forward to riding tomorrow! It was nice to get some riding time in with the wet weather. We’ll post some more stuff up soon!

The Drennan Supercross track

Vernon doing some work

Daytona Sx 2010

After riding all week, I had the bike dialed in great for Sx. Only to show up and ride Daytona and the track was so rough I couldnt even pin it down a strait-away! I tried 3 different suspension settings and couldn’t get it comfortable. It was a motocross track with supercross jumps. It is what it is. I left Sunday morning and headed back to Texas. I made one shock change-up (for supercross) this week. I will be riding the next 2 weeks before Dallas sx so I will keep things updated on how its going!

clayton miller daytona sx 2010

Riding at Bubba Stewart’s!

First off I’d like to thank the Stewart’s for letting me come ride at their place before Daytona sx! I drove there arriving Wednesday a lil after noon. I rode for the next three days strait dialing in my bike. We got the bike really comfortable. Only need to make one change to the shock and were dialed! Here’s a vid my wife Cortni Miller filmed for me. Love you baby thanks! And ol Fulton helped me with practice, races, and driving! Thanks bud.

First day on my new 2010 yz450!!!

Went up to Freestone County Raceway to ride my new 2010 yz 450 on my supercross track thanks to H20 Renovations! I love the bike it is soooo sick! Feels so comfortable to ride. I had a blast up there riding with Vernon, Kevin, Draaw’s, and Phenie it was a good time ripping! Track was sick, weather was good, cant get enough! Also here is the hog skull from new years weekend, he’s got some nice teeth! We will be getting some footage and more pics soon. Thanks to Draaw’s for snap’n a few!

Quick trip to the ranch for some supercross riding!

Me and lil v pinned it up to Freestone County Raceway to rip it up on the supercross track. Just putting in some laps and testing some suspension for lil v. I was riding the box stock crf450 thanks to Bollz Extreme Sports! I’m just starting to get back in the mix. Prolly bout the 6th time to ride in a few months….. But thats all about to change!