Machined A BMX Cable Stop

I was letting a friend of mine borrow a BMX bike to check it out for the first time. He’s never rode any trails, or park. I figured he might need brakes. But after looking for all the parts, I was missing the cable stop! So I machined one real quick on the Hardinge HLV-H lathe.

Face Mill Cutter For The Bridgeport MIll

Picked up a new face mill cutter of eBay for the Bridgeport mill. Went to CW Rod down the road and got some fresh aluminum inserts. It works amazing!

Machined A Lathe Chuck Key

Scored a couple small 3 jaw chucks for my welding positioner. Needed a key, so I turned one down out of some square stock. Worked great for what I will be doing.


Motorcycle Auxiliary Fuel Bottle

I needed to bypass the stock fuel tank on a bike. So for a quick temporary fix, I turned down and threaded this lil tool to get a shot of clean fuel in the bike. It is not recommended for permanent use using a plastic bottle. It will break down. But it worked with some scrap I had laying around!



Build up on a part to machine for display

A buddy of mine Jeff Gerrans from 3J Precision needed this display part welded up to join two halves and then he machined it back down. It was to be painted and used with one of the big oil companies around here. Would of liked to see the finished part.