Build up on a part to machine for display

A buddy of mine Jeff Gerrans from 3J Precision needed this display part welded up to join two halves and then he machined it back down. It was to be painted and used with one of the big oil companies around here. Would of liked to see the finished part.

Race Rig Railing Repair

On top of semi’s and race rig’s they have the observation deck with railing that folds up. One of the rails got boogered up, so I chopped out that section and replaced it. Got it back dialed in.

KTM Subframe Repair

On some of the models of the KTM dirt bikes they don’t weld on the fender mount support very well. Its so lightly tac’d it falls off. So I beefed it up a bit.

Building my welding table

I came over to a budyy’s house Scott Ripper to build my welding table. He’s got a mig welder all dialed in and it was kick ass to work with! All I have done before was stick welding, and learned how to Tig weld lately. I would like to get a mig soon for stuff I want to do.

For quite a few years i have been wanting to get my hands on some equipment and start doing some things. First I had to learn, now I got the hang of it. And anyone that knows me knows how much of a perfectionist I am. And there isn’t much I can’t do with my hands, hell I can learn anything! I put my head down and get it done. I keep looking for good deals on stuff. An being patient has paid off. Eventually I will have what i need to build some bad ass shit! Thanks Scott for letting me use your equipment, and your wisdom. I appreciate it!