Building my welding table

I came over to a budyy’s house Scott Ripper to build my welding table. He’s got a mig welder all dialed in and it was kick ass to work with! All I have done before was stick welding, and learned how to Tig weld lately. I would like to get a mig soon for stuff I want to do.

For quite a few years i have been wanting to get my hands on some equipment and start doing some things. First I had to learn, now I got the hang of it. And anyone that knows me knows how much of a perfectionist I am. And there isn’t much I can’t do with my hands, hell I can learn anything! I put my head down and get it done. I keep looking for good deals on stuff. An being patient has paid off. Eventually I will have what i need to build some bad ass shit! Thanks Scott for letting me use your equipment, and your wisdom. I appreciate it!