KTM450SX Subframe Lower

Lowered this KTM450SX subframe a few mm for a customer. Got the correct ride height now.

This is just a quick clip showing part of the process of lowering your KTM subframe a few mm. Can be done to any of the big bikes. If you don’t have the resources to do it, hit me up and I’ll dial you in. 1. Measure your old hole location. The bolt is about 8mm so you add half of that to this number for your measurement on center. 2. Blend the material back for a fresh start. 3. Add the extra mm to your original number (don’t forget half the bolt size) use a center punch mark your new center hole location. 4. Drill to size, then chamfer the opening of the bolt hole to match the taper on the head of the bolt using a counter sink bit. 5. You may have to remove some material off the end of the subframe to be able to get the new hole to locate on the chassis. *One thing to note is don’t get to get crazy with it or you will have problems with your silencer mounting back up. A little fudging to make it work is ok. Bolt it up and pin it! ✊ #KTM #KTM250 #KTM450 #KTM300 #KTM350 #KTM200 #armyoforange #KTMUSA #tig #welding #fabrication #mx #moto #motocross ✊✊✊

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