The Fire Challenge – With “Besmaju”

I was tagged in this post on Facebook – It has inspired me to make this quick edit looping through the funny parts. This crap is killing me man, straight comedy. As you heard the chic say “Besmaju fit’n to do tha god-damn fire challenge”. Sounds great don’t it…. sike. If the first idea to light your self on fire wasn’t good enough, well the second idea was so good it will make you fall out the shower! Oh girl said “The acetone would’a done did it fo ya boy”, he said “Go get that shit!” Straight up harder than a motha fucka. Then you see them eye balls be rolling second guessing when she be pouring it down his ass! These fools obviously ain’t played with house hold chemicals growing up. Who woulda thought to pour some of that shit on your ass! WTF…. But Besmaju dont give two shits. He done put the fire challenge on the map! Now its your turn to do the fire challenge. Go get something you probably shouldn’t and light yo ass up!

I would like to hang out with these folks, they do some crazy shit!

[danger]”DISCLAIMER: I wouldn’t really light your self on fire, its not very smart.”[/danger]

[warning]Edit* YouTube said the video was against their Terms of Service for the protection of their users. So it was removed. Now its embedded here.[/warning]