Houston Supercross

Houston didn’t work out like I expected. I rode the best I could for the preparation going in to these couple of races. A lot of stuff has gone down the past 2 years with personal family life. And its hard to deal with the kind of stuff that we have been through. That’s all behind and were moving forward. You think as an athlete that you still have what you had the day before. And when ever faced with any problems that interfere with your regimen makes it hard to get on track. I’m by far not finished with progressing forward with myself as an athlete, and personal aspirations. I never thought it would be so difficult to manage so many things in life with marriage and kids, (family illness, and death of a loved one) along with your passions and responsibilities. If there is any one I have for motivation, it would be my father. He’s the baddest dude I know. He can run 3 different enterprises, and be everywhere at once and do it day after day. While at the same time having cancer come up in the past 2 years, and having 2 surgery’s. He’s right back at it again like he never missed a beat. If there is anything I could ever do it would be able to follow in his foot steps, if I can follow the length in his stride. Love you dad!

With my wife, family, and friends I wouldn’t be who I am today. Houston still had some good times. And my buddy Fulton made a short appearance to put a smile on our face! I like my wife’s facial expression in the pic with fulton! Ty, Mel, and Dahlstrom are just watching the infamous Fulton. Gotta love em!
Thanks Darkside for Mechanic’n for me!