Building Trails and Bullshit’n at Freestone

I was up at Freestone for the weekend doing a lil digging on our trails, and cooking some good grub! It was a good time other than the cold weather. Trails are coming along, soon we’ll be able to rip it up!  While doing a little digging, I was working on some bunny hop bar spins and busted my ass. Hunter was laughing so hard at me, and I started laughing at him on how funny he looked with his moo-stach! Good times, and good eating! I cooked up some duck with one hell of a simple recipe, and the wife’s marinade for a couple of days! Good times!

Check Hunter posing like a Jabroni in the tower next to Cortni – WTF hahahahahah!

Another Day at Ant Hills Bmx Trails

Went to do a lil riding with Birdman at the Ant Hills trails in Houston Tx. It was a fun little session of riding, Birdman pulled 360s all day on the last jump of the set! Pretty pumped for the first time throwing 360’s on some decent trails. I pulled some “not so clicked” turndowns for the first time. So it was pretty cool just getting the motion down. Ill be slapping my tire in no time on my leg with them just crazy clicked. Nothing is cooler than flowing some nice trails throwing some whips and turndowns. I’m almost dialed with a bag of flowing tricks! Cool day of riding we should of taken some pics when the sun was still up we just ran it!

Ant Hills Houston Texas

We went out to Ant Hills to rip it up a little bit. Hadn’t been out there since they built em up! They were nice for sure, best thing around in this part of town! Hadn’t rode any trails in over a year, went out cold turkey and it all came back. Threw some OG tricks, just flow’n and whip’n a little bit. Looking forward to going back! Check out the picture of Hunter pulling the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon move! That’s some wicked chit! wooooooooooooo! Having some Gnar camera issues so don’t pay attention to the quality of the pics…

Bear Branch Bmx Session

Ripped it up a lil bit with the locals at Bear Branch Park. Rudy was killen some tables on the hips in the bowl. Travis was pulling some clean turn downs. Andrew was killen all kinds of tricks tail whips, and bar spins, 360 clicked tables, 360 tailwhips, dude aint no joke! Good times for sure, I’m starting to get a lil better in the bowl. Its frustrating how you can rip in dirt and park is so much different. If I can keep kill’n it a couple times a week ill be dialed in a month or so. Cortni took some photos this time, it was her first time shooting with the 7D! She enjoyed it a lot. I have some pics of some of the skaters ill be posting later too!