Fishing with Mom and Dad

This weekend I took my mom and dad both fishing. We had s great time together. They got to see some good size reds tailing and a big black drum in the shallows too! We only caught rat reds and trout so that was a bummer but they both caught some trout. And they really had fun on the birds! It was one after another!

I love yall so much, reminded me of the times we use on the boats at the lake house!



Fishing with the Mayor of Freestone

So I finally got the Mayor of Freestone to go fishing with me! I’ve had the fishing boat for quite a few years and he never went out on it till now! We had a good time on the water. Right off the bat we did some sight casting in the grass beds and hooked up with a red. Then we went up river and went to the junk mans spot where he was anchored off in “catfish lagoon” I call it. And the we started trolling the banks and started hooking up! We caught 3 good slot reds! It was a lot of fun, can’t wait to do it some more together! Love you dad!



Catch of the day!

Cortni and I went fishing at the San Luis pass in Galveston. We had a good start, right off the bat I caught the redfish. She caught a big Spanish Mackerel working live shrimp on a popping cork. But it’s sharp teeth cut her braided line so we lost it! Then we went to the toll way bridge and were free lining live shrimp. Only to catch some small stingrays and whiting. She hooked into 3 good lunkers and 2 came off and 1 must of been a Spanish Mackerel again cuz her line was cut by sharp teeth again! Then we finished off the day by Bird Island and I caught the speckled trout. She caught some more whiting. Good day of fishing tide went in and out twice and when it went back out things slowed down.

Fishing at Lake Fork

My dad and I went to Lake Fork to do some fishing together! It was the first time we had spent time together like that in years, actually since we started racing. It was a weekend just to go out and be on the water and catch some good fish. And thats what we did. (Im trying to reignite the outdoor passion that he once shared with me as a kid, where we spent a lot of time together hunting and fishing!) So here is some pictures of some decent fish from a tuff weekend of weather which made it nearly impossible to get some hookups. And matter fact there was a weekend amateur tournement going on and by what I read from the weigh in we could of placed top 3 most likely.