San Antone AX

Ok this was my first race on the new yzf450 yamaha. And it wasn’t that great, but was definitely needed track time. It allowed me to make some adjustments to the bike and get some good gate time in before the sx rounds I’m  going to attend. Racing the bike on a clean track I was able to find out my rear shock spring was too stiff! But we made some adjustments soon as I got back and now were moving forward! I finished 13th in the 450 main.

clayton miller san antone ax 2010

First day on my new 2010 yz450!!!

Went up to Freestone County Raceway to ride my new 2010 yz 450 on my supercross track thanks to H20 Renovations! I love the bike it is soooo sick! Feels so comfortable to ride. I had a blast up there riding with Vernon, Kevin, Draaw’s, and Phenie it was a good time ripping! Track was sick, weather was good, cant get enough! Also here is the hog skull from new years weekend, he’s got some nice teeth! We will be getting some footage and more pics soon. Thanks to Draaw’s for snap’n a few!

Valentines with the Mrs’s

Valentines weekend was awesome! Cortni and I had some friends over to cook out. Then off to tumble weed with Chris, Amy, Steph, Art to dance, only to step all over her feet on the dance floor! Then we ate some lunch and got chair massages, and some cloths at the mall. Then we went to Chi for some sushi then a movie with my sister and Art! It was a good weekend together. Kind of a couples weekend! Had a good time for sure!

Oreilly Ax

Me and Esteban roll up to Waco to do the Oreilly Ax fri-sat nite. Ol Vernon Mckiddie hooks me up with his crf250 to ride and tries to sabatage me! The bike has a snapped clutch cable, smoked clutches, and knobs missing on the rear wheel! Well fri nite got my doors blew off but sat I turned it up! It was a fun weekend of racing and eatn good!

Quick trip to the ranch for some supercross riding!

Me and lil v pinned it up to Freestone County Raceway to rip it up on the supercross track. Just putting in some laps and testing some suspension for lil v. I was riding the box stock crf450 thanks to Bollz Extreme Sports! I’m just starting to get back in the mix. Prolly bout the 6th time to ride in a few months….. But thats all about to change!

Riding a lil Sx and Racing Rnd 1 of the Texas Winter Series

Rode a lil supercross thanks to Bollz Extreme Sports letting me ride on a brand new 08 Honda 450! And raced the +25 A class and attempted to race the 450 pro but hit a rider down in the sand whoops and blew a hole out of the radiator! So I ended up only riding the +25. It was a good weekend hanging out doing a lil riding, and hunting, and gaming it up with some Mx vs Atv Reflex at Freestone County Raceway.  My buddy Draaw’s came out and took some pics of me riding sx, Thanks Marilyn!!!