Caught a Redneck in a casting net!

Man…. I was cathing bait with my casting net. I went to cast and caught up on my trolling motor and I fell into it as I was spinning to throw it, and fell in the water! My buddy Jimmy is laughing at me worried that the trolling motor is going to hit me! So then the next thing that happens is I’m wringing out my britches and shirt. Then lay em over my seat to air out and I start to idle off and my hat blows in! Then I turn around and my brithes blow in! We circle around to Indiana Jones em out of the water and just miss em we try 3 times and missed! Then I come by and miss again and my boat churns the water and makes em go under…. So I had to go get more pants at Wally world so my white ass legs don’t burn! Man what the Frick!

My Second Alligator Gar Bowfishing

I went out again this morning with Art, and Chris and shot another one. Man it sure is nice to be able to roll up on em in a creek like this. Doesn’t cost anything to drive less than 5 miles away to hang out next to the creek in the woods! This one didn’t slap me hahaha! You know its funny, Art told me they go bowfishing. I said “man I have been wanting to get a couple of bows for the wife and I so we could go out. But just never got around to it.” So I looked up on Craigslist in Houston and found a lil PSE Kingfisher with a reel, and two arrows. I paid $93 bucks for it, and its mint. The bow cost $120 bare and the reel is $90 so I swooped up a hell of a deal! Best $93 I have spent in a while!

Fishing at Lake Fork

My dad and I went to Lake Fork to do some fishing together! It was the first time we had spent time together like that in years, actually since we started racing. It was a weekend just to go out and be on the water and catch some good fish. And thats what we did. (Im trying to reignite the outdoor passion that he once shared with me as a kid, where we spent a lot of time together hunting and fishing!) So here is some pictures of some decent fish from a tuff weekend of weather which made it nearly impossible to get some hookups. And matter fact there was a weekend amateur tournement going on and by what I read from the weigh in we could of placed top 3 most likely.