Highway Idiot

Funniest shit on the interstate this morning a state trooper is hauling ass with his lights flashing and everybody gets out of his way. Except one idiot dorks out so hard he brake checks the cop and must of been asleep behind the wheel, puts on his blinker to get over but doesn’t and the cop is on his bumper to only get on the left shoulder. Slowed down from 75 to 35 he dorked out! Only for me to flash my lights letting the cop over! I honked at the dumbass as I drove by….

Building my welding table

I came over to a budyy’s house Scott Ripper to build my welding table. He’s got a mig welder all dialed in and it was kick ass to work with! All I have done before was stick welding, and learned how to Tig weld lately. I would like to get a mig soon for stuff I want to do.

For quite a few years i have been wanting to get my hands on some equipment and start doing some things. First I had to learn, now I got the hang of it. And anyone that knows me knows how much of a perfectionist I am. And there isn’t much I can’t do with my hands, hell I can learn anything! I put my head down and get it done. I keep looking for good deals on stuff. An being patient has paid off. Eventually I will have what i need to build some bad ass shit! Thanks Scott for letting me use your equipment, and your wisdom. I appreciate it!