Yamaha YZ250F Oil Tank Repair

Customer had a cracked oil tank on his Yamaha YZ250F, he purchased a used one on ebay and got another cracked one in the mail. So he brought it to me and I got it back in order.

Radiator Bracing on a YZ450

Dialed in some simple radiator bracing for Derek Hall’s 2014 Yamaha YZ450. Best time to do them is when you get a new fresh bike! Send em to me and we’ll get em dialed in! Any model or size bike.

Kawasaki 450 Subframe Repair

A buddy of mine Travis Foyt weeded up his subframe pretty good. I got it back together and straightened out. Very little down time, and a fraction of the cost for a replacement!

KTM Kick Stand Shortening

I shortened up this KTM enduro bike for a guy that had his suspension lowered. You can see the section removed, the fit up, and I slugged it for support. The bottom part of the kick stand is hollow.

2006 Motocross Nationals – Road Trip, Ogio, Illinois BMX Trails

This video is from 2006 Outdoor nationals with Vernon Mckiddie, Brett Williams, Cody Drewek, Charles Marchant, Tim Engel. We were on the road racing the outdoor nationals all over the states. This footage is from Ogio up in Utah at Andy Bells house. We rode the indoor ramps, and foam pit. Pulled a backflip for the first time into the foam pit on an XR100. Then we traveled to Illinois to our good ol buddy Marc Czernik’s house and rode some bmx trails we came across. It was a good time that summer on the road!